Why I am running for Assembly District 52.
My parents moved from Ohio to California when I was four years old.  I basically feel like a California native.  When I was growing up, California was the Golden State.  Everyone wanted to move here.  Jobs were plentiful, the weather was great and we had one of the best education systems.  That just isn’t true anymore.

We have government in California that cares more about outlawing plastic straws and plastic shampoo bottles at hotels than helping the homeless.

We have a government that wants to provide free healthcare to illegal immigrant while penalizing citizens who don’t have health insurance.

We have a government who keeps looking for more ways to tax us when we already have one of if the not the highest gas tax and income tax in the country.

We have a government who cares more about reducing sentencing and releasing criminals than protecting law abiding citizens.

We have a government that cares more about forcing the “gig” economy, such as Uber, Lyft, Doordash, independent truckers, freelance journalists and studio musicians to be employees of companies, taking away their freedom of choice to be independent contractors.

We have a government that wants to teach our children Comprehensive Sex Ed, and take away parents rights to opt their children out.

We have a government that wants to take away parents rights in many ways, including vaccines and school choice.

This is just way too much government interference in our lives.  This is why I am running for State Assembly.  We need to make serious changes.  We need to be a business friendly state where businesses want to come here rather than flee the state.  We need to bring our education system under local control and encourage charter schools, school choice and homeschooling as alternatives.  We need to reduce taxes.  We need to find solutions for the homeless and helping veterans first.

I am invested in California.  I have two sons, and five grandchildren.  I want the Golden State of California that I grew up in to be the state that my grandchildren experience as well.  I am a fighter, and I will fight for the citizens of California to make it a great state once again.

Do you think California is going in the right direction?
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California is one of the highest taxed State in the USA. As a Candidate for Assembly District 52, I am deeply concerned about the the split roll of Proposition 13that will affect businesses tax rates. How many more businesses will move out of state because they can no longer afford to do bussiness here. How many more jobs will be lost because business are leaving.

What will happen to property taxes of residents? How will families currently living pay check to pay check afford the new taxes? Will it affect Renters? Yes it will.