Property Rights

Sacramento is doing its best to try to chip away at Prop 13.  First on their target is the Split Roll.  This will remove the tax protections for businesses under Prop 13.  These politicians claim businesses need to pay their fair share pay more property taxes to help fund schools.  We have learned that what Sacramento says and does are two different things.  If these businesses property taxes are raised, one of two things is likely to happen:  the business will leave California, or the business will raise their prices or rents to tenants to cover the extra expense.  Neither of these options is good for California.   Once they go after businesses, it is only a matter of time before they go after residential property tax protections.  That can mean a loss of a home to someone on a fixed income.

The state also wants to control zoning in cities, taking that right away from city councils and the city’s general plan.  They want to build high density housing and affordable housing.  They claim this will help with the affordable housing shortage.   The reason for affordable housing shortages is that there is so much red tape and regulations before a builder can build and the cost causes the home prices to be above what many can afford.  Sacramento controlling our cities is not the answer.  I will fight to keep local control within the city’s jurisdiction and keep high density housing from infringing on single family neighborhoods.

The Guessing Game